The Benevolent Dictator

They were new. They were the change. But they heard another change was coming. A new dictator – a symbol of hope supposedly.

He came, but he didn’t like change. He was stone, indifferent to the outside world. He was a conventional slave, who was scared from trying out the new.

It was massacre, one by one he played his moves. These people opposed to the injustice, the oppression in the most gentle way possible. He was ruthless, unwilling to listen to anything. He did not respect women, nor did he follow the standard protocols of running an empire. He left every other minister with no choice but either to follow him or die.

Alas! These new people, their philosophy, all were at the verge of extinction, but he didn’t care. What had they done? They tried to make him understand their value with logical arguments. But given a dictator that he was, he didn’t allow them to speak and hardly met them.

The decision was taken to banish them, to ensure that no further new people is ever born in the state. These people being constitutional beings, looked forward for redress. They had only hope on their side, a hope for a brighter future, a hope for a better world for everyone.


It’s (never) over

It was over. He knew it.

He gradually started moving memories of her out of his life. He changed his 57 passwords. He changed his SSH passphrases to refer to “the-brown-fox-who-jumped-over-lazy-dog” instead of her. He stopped the SMS updates on Facebook. Moved her to a less important list. He stopped coming online at that specific time of the night. He reworked his schedule so that he did not have to meet her every now and then. He did not unlock the phone’s screen every now and then to check if he had missed any messages from her.

He channeled all his emotions elsewhere: towards anger, towards solitude, towards work, towards football, towards coding. Anything except her.

It seemed to work. He was forgetting about her.

A week later he saw her again. He knew that he couldn’t have her, because he was too chicken to go grab it when the opportunity was there. He saw the biggest failure in his life ever.

He will never get over her again.

– Adapted from “It’s (never) over” from

And thou shalt sleep forever

This February the Supreme Court ruled that the right to sleep is a fundamental right, a necessary outcome of broadening the ambit of right to life. No doubt it was for good cause that it was done and sleep is of utmost importance. But still, lets just take a look at what can be done by some of the “modern Indian students” like us, just to get this act working.

Take a tenth grade ICSE student, preparing for his boards. He has to rote learn all the fundamental rights and duties of the constitution in order to pass the History and Civics paper ( I being one of the victims of those cruel times ). Thanks to the mercy of the Supreme Court he can afford to learn one point less. He can always write “the right to sleep” in his exam paper and come out with a smiling face assured of marks. He doesn’t even have to go through the pain of remembering it. Its always the favourite hours of man’s life – sleep and he can even remember it even if he feels sleepy in the exam hall.

Ok, lets just move up the ladder. Take any college in India – our best way of passing time in lecture hours is sleeping. I’ll be frank over here, most of what the professors teach just flies miles above our level of understanding. So we make best use of time – sleep. And the next time the professor catches us, we can always say “Its my fundamental right!” rest assured that nothing is going to happen to us. I can very well now imagine lecture hours with just with just 2 or 3 heads up and the rest all in sleep.

This was just the start. Even working people can take full advantage of this. You can go to offices late, reason: I was sleeping. Even then you can still sleep in your office hours and can laugh it off. Its your fundamental right! And guess what even the Supreme Court judge who ruled this can also sleep during the hearing of the next cases.

Please don’t hold me responsible for what ever consequences you suffer for practicing whatever is written in this post. You might as well try experimenting it with your teachers and your bosses and then let me know of the results. And in case of any problems you are always free to appeal to the Supreme Court.

Facebook is the new Sharebook

For what purpose was Facebook made? To share some stupid pics of something that’s even more stupid? Or to share some lame tips?

I can’t help but see how The Social Network has evolved to a sharing site. People see some edit – they share. They see some animal’s pic – they share. People see some joke or some tip and they still share. Ok, I agree that there has been a recent boom of some “*@#$ TIPS” on Facebook and a few of them are good and original, but majority a bore, lame and copied from other tips’ page. We find people uploading some strange pic and writing a big story underneath that. And you get tons of likes and comments and SHARES as well. Now with the advent of pages this seems to have become the best way for pages to gain popularity.

What is the outcome of all this? The share feature of Facebook was provided to let your friends know what you and they may find interesting, not just for the sake of sharing stuff. What results is an utterly polluted News Feed on the homepage and an even more polluted Wall of your friend. Hardly any content that you can find worth viewing and interacting with. I feel the whole purpose of the site fails there – it was built to let people (I was about to write friends, but I didn’t write for obvious reasons) “connect and share” with each other, with what they are upto and the latest happenings in their life.

But people will still just share animal pics and “awesome” tips, afterall its the Sharebook.

Past meets Present

14th February, a day when two souls meet, two souls become one, a lover’s day, it was Valentine’s day. The night sky added to its beauty, the clear sky with thousands of stars twinkling and the moon added to the warmth within my heart. The night acknowledged the importance of the day making it even more romantic.

At the stroke of midnight, I was going to meet her at the Gateway of India, near The Taj. I was going around with her for the last five years. Going down the lane five years ago, at the Graduation college N. M., the first day of college, 25th July, 2005. I was chatting with few of my friends and just thenĀ I saw a girl dressed in white salwar, straight shiny silky long hair, walking in the campus. The depth in her deep blue eyes, sexy lips with red lipstick, long starry earrings, from her soft ears and chubby white cheeks drove me somewhere out of the world. I was lost in her. It was as if I could here music in the background just like the Bollywood romance. She was the one I wanted. She was the one I would like to spend my life with. Love at first sight was what you could call it!! I decided to approach her, went to her and introduced myself as John and she was Aditi. We talked and we talked… Time passed, days passed, months passed. I don’t even know how the magic between us grew and in a year we started dating.

Experience says that girls can transform friends into enemies. One of my friends Brian also happened to be obsessed with her and could fall to any extent to get her. But then, he realised that she was interested in me and that we were dating. No he could not bear it, he could not let that happen. He tried his level best to break bonds between us, but proving unsuccessful in his anger, fell out on me. Our friendship changed into bitterness. Friendship turning into enmity, I myself couldn’t believe it. Life can take turns within no time. Relations change in no time!

Relation between me and Aditi intensified, we were so madly in love with each other.This relation continued and even now five years later the relation was maintained.

I had made up my mind that this Valentine’s day would be the most wonderful and a memorable day for both of us. Under the romantic sky, I planned to propose her for marriage. We met at 12 midnight at the Gateway of India. Took a cab to Bandstand and there we got down. Sitting on the rocks with the waves gushing towards the shore, hitting the rocks and splashing water on us, we spent two hours over there chatting and enjoying the romantic twinkling sky, the endless sea ahead and the delicious mouth-watering pav-bhaji, panipuri.

Suddenly as if everything became quiet, I looked at her and she looked at me. It was as if her deep blue eyes was calling me. I felt as something was nudging me from within. I just said it, “I really really love you and would like to spend my life with you, will you marry me?”. She hesitated but I could see her joy from within. The two intervening seconds seemed like forever… Yes, an answer was coming! She smiled and accepted my proposal. That was like I was in heaven, I had never been so happy before in my life.

Amidst all this, we had forgotten that it was getting late. So we decided to go back home. We took a cab. After 15 minutes, we were passing through a dark gali in Mumbai. The place was infamous for notorious activities that had taken place there. Suddenly our cab was stopped by a group of three or four goons. The driver emptied the cab, and we were the only ones left there.

Suddenly in the dark a face peeped into the taxi through the drivers window. In the darkness I could see nothing but the silhouette of the face and the shining cross hanging from his neck. It came to me as something more than a shock when that guy started to speak. It was my supposed friend Brian. He had gone down to such a level in his blind love of Aditi…

The next moment I knew I was being dragged out of one door and Aditi was palled out from the other side. In my mad attempt to shove them off what started was a fistfight between two of the goons and me until somebody came and hit me hard on the head with something! I heard frantic cries of Aditi ahead of me, crying out to save her from him, until that faded out and I fell unconscious!

The dizziness gradually wore off, I staggered on the ground, severe body pain troubling me, I rose up walked to a body that a lying at a little distance from the place. I walked up to it… It didn’t take me long to realize that it was Aditi, her clothes were torn apart, several scratches on the body and she was not even breathing. I shook her, called her as if she was the last person alive on this planet. No response! It sinked in… I didn’t want to believe it! She had been raped and murdered! Was this the end of our love story? It ended even before it started… If love made Brian do this then how could he do this to a person he loved? I shook her and called her again, with the faintest hopes that she would respond. But she didn’t!

This story is an original work of us. It would have been impossible without the valuable inputs of my friend Kedar Vaidya. I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart!