Recollections from the Mozilla Summit

Couple of weeks back I was at Mozilla Summit at Santa Clara, USA – a grand get together of people who contribute to people. This was the first time i was meeting the first global Mozilla community, the first time I went outside India. It was a massive effort to bring the paid employees as well as the voluntary contributors at the same place. I got to meet and talk to people with whom I had only been talking on IRC.

Mitchell Baker’s keynote on the Nature of Mozilla, really set the mood for the Summit and it best defines why Mozilla exists and why we all gathered over the weekend to discuss the future goals and plans for Mozilla.

The event lineup was well thought of, to keep you interested and give you options to choose from the tracks going on at parallel. I met so many people I probably don’t remember the names of quite a few but some were Brendan Eich, Asa Dotzler, Brian Bondy, Brandon Benvie, Alon Zakai, David Herman and so many others. It was great to talk to Luke Wagner over the internals of SpiderMonkey, Mozilla’s JavaScript Engine and JITs. I also had a chat with Patrick Walton over Rust and Servo and both the projects really look promising.  Randomly bumping into new people while playing Guitar Hero and getting to talk to them is another great thing about these events.

It was very informative to see the demos and talks about the upcoming projects and products we are working on, advances with respect to performance of FirefoxOS, brainstorming on the different products and discussion about how we can improve the Mozilla ‘platform’ code, sessions about Servo, how to appreciate contributors and so many others. At Innovation Fair booths I could interact with all these people who are working on these projects, and it gave much better insight.

It was a great event, I felt a part of the common cause, of a shared vision — of an open web.

PS: Thank you Mozilla for the free passes to Great America, the amusement park was one experience I will never forget.


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