GSoC: The final wrap up

This is the final round up of the work I did for my Google Summer of Code project – “Autosuggestion of Search Engines” for Mozilla Firefox. It was a great experience.

The module initiates with the launch of the browser and raises notification when it finds that you have been submitting some search forms. The GUI part of it has not been implemented yet, as it was one of the non-goals of the project. The algorithm that I had proposed has been completely implemented. The code has test coverage for operation of the algorithm and to check for the proper functioning of the disk I/O.

The raised notification can now be used by any of the modules in the Firefox code to do something. I have kept the documentation of the module in the Mozilla Wiki.

It was a great experience, and I plan to work on all the follow up bugs that come up for the module. My patch is up for review at Bug 335448 and will merged to the source tree after that.

I would like to thank my mentor Matthew Noorenberghe of Mozilla, for giving me all the advice and support for the project, tips on improving performance and code quality.


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