GSoC: Towards the first deadline

Today is the soft pencils down date for GSoC 2013. My work is almost done. From the last update, I made some changes to the following things:

  1. Removed a lot of unnecessary methods and clubbed many of the functions into a single one. So now the code is more manageable.
  2. Add a few browser preferences to toggle Autosuggest Search Engine feature on and off.
  3. Saved a lot on the I/O front. Now the module will save to disk after every 5 minutes to prevent a lot of disk I/O. It will also save the data just before the browser is closed.
  4. Better tests – now has tests to check if the disk I/O functions are behaving properly and also if the most likely search field element is being predicted correctly.
  5. Also got my patch reviewed by Gregory Szorc [:gps], to get feedback on the build front. A lot of boilerplate in the Makefile has thus been reduced.

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