GSoC Project Update

It has been a long time since the last update! The project has shown a lot of progress since then.

  • The algorithm for detecting the form submissions and detecting heuristically whether it is a search form now works perfectly (according to what I had proposed initially).
  • I struggled for sometime on integrating the frecency metric for a website from the Places API. But now this is done, and it checks against the frecency score of a website before marking it as a positive result. Simply put, we now measure how frequently you have visited the website and that will also be used to say whether the form is relevant enough to be a search form.
  • I had written some basic automated mochi-tests for the mid-term evaluation. Now the tests are better, the pains of testing the algorithm is over. Yay!

Progress is found in Bug 335448.

At the moment, when a positive result is detected, a notification is raised in the browser. Any consumer can listen to the notification to get information about the site that has been detected with a search engine. An ideal use case would be to implement a GUI to allow the user to add the website as a search to the browser. This was a non-focus goal for the project, so will be tracked by a follow-up Bug 879155.


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