Shoes, Socks & Presentations

After listening to Steve Klabnik‘s talk in RubyConf India, I really wanted to try Ruby and Shoes as well. After messing with it for few hours, I came up with Socks.

Socks is a Shoes app that takes in data in JSON format and renders them on screen. Its designed to be used as slides for presentations, so supports only text and images.

The best part is that you define your GUI in a declarative language in the JSON format. This is very much simpler to the CSS styles, so its real easy to get started. Moreover your slides are just your data, so you can write software on any platform to read them. (Data freedom? Yeah!)

This produces a window like this:


Or you could write:


You can put all this together and Socks will create a nice presentation for you.

It renders just text and images now. Go give it a try, its on GitHub. Any help for Socks is appreciated, so just fork and send me a pull request!


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