The value of Re. 1

This weekend was at Ooty, also known as the blue mountains or Nilgiris. When I came to Bangalore little did I know that I would be going to Ooty 7000-8000 feet above the sea level. Well, I did not have any warm clothes, no sweaters/jackets. What followed was two days of shivering cold, but full of enjoyment.

We traveled a lot, the lush green valleys and mountains were a welcome break from the hectic life in Bangalore. I had different kinds of tea – Masala, Chocolate, Plain (an achievement in itself). The tea gardens of Ooty  had some magic of its own.

But, still the ultimate take away from the trip was the moment when we stood at the highest peak of the place without any shirts on, and everybody else was wrapped in sweaters. I still remember the look on the faces of the rest of people (awestruck by our heroic feat – seriously?)

To end the story, our last night at Ooty was too good. We ran out of cash (barring the 100 bucks I had saved up for emergency) and entire Ooty also ran out of cash. You got it right, all the ATMs in that place were out of cash too. Turned out we didn’t even have enough to have dinner. After searching our bags we collected Rs. 7, in all one rupee short of Rs. 108 – the bare minimum required for 3 people’s dinner. Whoever designed that Airtel ad, you did a very bad job. That 1 rupee was gold for us at that time. Nevertheless, the guy turned out be nice, served us food!

We returned that night from Ooty. It had left a soothing impression on all of us. I now miss nature in that form.

I have uploaded selected few photographs at Flickr. Check them out if you want to.


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