Grite: Blogging for Hackers

Last night I sat down and built a simple blogging platform, that lets you write based on GitHub Gists. I most blogging platforms are an overkill when you ‘just’ want to write (yes, including this blog of mine). There has been recent rise of static blog/site generators like Octopress, Hyde, etc. But these need to rebuild the static site in case new content comes in.

GitHub Gists offer a clean way of sharing text snippets, formatted by Markdown if you wish so. So why not have a blog that aggregates your gists in the form of a blog?

Grite does exactly that. Its a clean, minimalist and responsive blogging tool, fully powered by client-side JS. You just write your gists and update the configuration file directly on GitHub online, without cloning the repository on your machine. Boom! Your blog is also updated, nothing to rebuild. Check out the example site.

You don’t need to do anything to set it up as well. Just fork it on GitHub, write your gists, and edit the configuration file. Give it a try, and let me know!


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