Google Summer of Code it is

This summer I will participating in Google Summer of Code working on the Autosuggest Search Engine project for the Mozilla Firefox web browser. So I will begin by introducing myself.

I am Sankha Narayan Guria, (sankha93 on IRC), a second year from Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur. I have been contributing patches to Mozilla Firefox project for quite sometime now, and recently I have been trying to work on a few bugs relating to implementing the ECMAScript 6 spec. You can find me on the channels #introduction, #developers, #jsapi, #devtools.

I will be trying to make searches from Firefox a bit more easier by automatically detecting whether you are doing a search or not when you submit a form and then present the user to add the search engine to the browser. A beautifully detailed description of the project has been written by Felipe in his blog.

I will be posting regular updates of my GSoC work on this blog. So stay tuned!

You can find all the GSoC related posts under the tag ‘gsoc‘.


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