When I dreamt of being a Game Developer

You read it right! It was back in my school days, early days of when I had laid my hands on computer. I knew only QBASIC and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 back then. Like any kid, I loved computer games, and more than that used to think of building one. Game concepts used to come in my mind, I could see myself standing in those 3D worlds of fantasy.

Few days back I managed to lay my hands on the game that I had created back in class 9. Pardon me, but it were the days of Macromedia Flash back then, and I had just played enough with Flash 5, that my dreams of making a game re-ignited again. And there I was, played around with ActionScript and cropped graphics from various sources (video games, rendered images from Maya 4, etc.). Oh well, I didn’t know of any game engines, so I hand-coded the full player movement to collision detection. It was definitely a learning exercise. And what is a game without sound? Hence, ripped off sounds from various sources, put my own fading effects to simulate distance in the game. And here is what I ended up with:


Sorry, cannot give it out in public due to multiple copyright infringements it will have if I do (otherwise how will I get my favorite sound track in my game? ). But what I ended up with is a game fully developed by me and one month wasted for it.

Back to today

I run away from game development, though I encourage anybody who wants to build one. Maybe the experiences from my first attempt haunt me!


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