Bootstrapping Mozilla Devs – Mozboot

This February our college fest Ignus witnessed the meet-up of like minded people who wanted to contribute to FOSS and Mozilla – reason Mozboot @ IITJ – a flagship event to get people introduced to the world of free and open-source software and give them a head start to contribution to the development of Mozilla Firefox.


The first day was utilized for getting the attendees acquainted with the world of Free and Ope-source software and the freedom it provides you. We organized a mini-hackathon to get them the feel of using open-source tools.

Next day, the day of the prime event, we started off full fledged with Mozilla. Saurabh Anand joined us all the way from Delhi to get people started with development of the Mozilla Firefox. We talked a bit why contribute and general terminologies like the mozilla-central repository, Bugzilla, etc. Obviously Josh Matthew’s FOSSDEM slide deck saved the day. Then we guided the participants to setting up their system, getting the dependencies and the mozilla-central source tree. Once done, we started the build process. In the meantime we had Shree Kant Bohra and Paras Kuhad to introduce people to Python and Django.


Once the build process was completed, Saurabh talked about the brief procedure to work on a bug, the review process and how to create a patch. We then showed them Bugs Ahoy and select a bug of interest and start reading about it. After sometime most of the participants had one bug selected and were reading about it. We told them to ask questions on IRC in case they faced any problems.

We used an Etherpad to share links and put up the bugs selected by the participants. The Etherpad can be found here.

The event was a success with the first of its kind by the Mozilla India Community, where people actually selected the bugs they wanted to work on and were getting involved with it. To ensure that their participation is maintained we are following up with them to track their progress. We generalized the event and have come up with a format to organize the developer events by the community here.

And this was one of the big events by Programming Club, IIT Jodhpur – one event that brought a lot of people from different colleges together.

At the end of the day going to Mehrangarh Fort to see the spot from which Bruce Wayne rose from the well in Dark Knight Rises didn’t hurt either.



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