It’s (never) over

It was over. He knew it.

He gradually started moving memories of her out of his life. He changed his 57 passwords. He changed his SSH passphrases to refer to “the-brown-fox-who-jumped-over-lazy-dog” instead of her. He stopped the SMS updates on Facebook. Moved her to a less important list. He stopped coming online at that specific time of the night. He reworked his schedule so that he did not have to meet her every now and then. He did not unlock the phone’s screen every now and then to check if he had missed any messages from her.

He channeled all his emotions elsewhere: towards anger, towards solitude, towards work, towards football, towards coding. Anything except her.

It seemed to work. He was forgetting about her.

A week later he saw her again. He knew that he couldn’t have her, because he was too chicken to go grab it when the opportunity was there. He saw the biggest failure in his life ever.

He will never get over her again.

– Adapted from “It’s (never) over” from


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