My little build notifier

Building the Mozilla source tree takes quite some time on my laptop, I’ll tell the truth, I love to have my fair dose of Facebook and Twitter and other other social networking sites in the mean time. Well, switching to the Terminal window from time to time just to check whether the build is complete is disruptive!

I run a Linux system, I have libnotify installed so why not put it to good use? I had written this side project called Coocoo – a tool to send notifications to different systems over the network (read wifi in our college). I left it incomplete and moved on with other things, things like an Android app to receive the notifications in phone never got built. But one thing that it could do is sent notifications from one Linux box to another via libnotify.

So lets put it to some good use and let my system notify me when the builds were done, instead of me checking it everytime. So I wrote a shell script:

So I started the notifier on my system using:

python notifier/

and executed and went on to do something else. Voila! The notification was there when the build completed.

You can find Coocoo on Github at


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