Building a Better Web

Note: This post should have come earlier. But endsem exams and few other things played their role well in delaying this.

November first week was a worth remembering time in college. We had Nimble 2012 – our intra-college technical festival. Nothing could have been a better opportunity to get people acquainted with the open web technologies. A few days just before Nimble, a session for people to get to know the ways in which they can start contributing to Mozilla was organized. Things like why the open web was important and how Mozilla and we as normal people can advance it further. I then proceeded to show people the different avenues to contribute – from coding to testing, from localization to design. You can get the slides here and a set of pictures can be found here.

During Nimble, the enthusiasm of students were unmatched. Events were organized keeping in mind that any newcomer to the HTML world can also participate and better still learn. The major event that I loved and I think many other have loved as well was KillFlash. You must have guessed it by the name only. It about creating some web app purely on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. No server side and mainly no Flash, using the new HTML5 APIs.

This event saw a real quality of ideas that were thrown out. Things like Speedometer (one that measures real speed and not just a graphic), Travelogue apps and TicTacToe were built purely on web technologies like Geolocation API and Canvas. It was a great opportunity for interaction and learning as well, as juniors sat down with seniors and tried to get their hands dirty on HTML5. The enthusiasm in the people were evident from the fact that people were even running around with laptops just to check their speeds in their speedometer.

All said, it was a great time. People got a first hand experience in carving out some useful apps purely on web technologies. Deven Bhooshan and Jitendra Choudhary deserve a special thanks for their hard work in putting up such an event.


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