The end of my ‘tweets’ Repository

I had written about getting pretty cool statistics about your tweeting habits by transforming your tweets into a Git repository here. A simple Python script that I wrote did the job fantastically well. And I could see the graphs and other analytics on my Github tweets repo in the Graphs section.

That was till Github started sending out notification mails for mentions in the commits. This turned out to be a disaster because most of the developers have the same handles on Twitter as well as Github, and when the tweets were turned into commits, Github fired tons of mails to mentioned people. (And I still don’t know how to put a stop to these mails).
So I decided to stop pushing updates to the Github repo from now on. Though I’ll still maintain a copy on my local machine but I doubt it will ever go online in the repo. Its atleast better than pestering people with annoying mails from mentions in a Git repo they are not even associated with.


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