Pointless Facebook surveys

Few months back Facebook had released a feature – people or any organisation can ask questions from their profile or pages to take quick and easy surveys. Its great, one reason being you can ask your friends their opinion, what kind drinks would they want in a party – Coke, Pepsi, Beer or Whisky?

But more often than not I find posts popping up in my News Feed, “Which is the best college in India?” or “What is the best country?”. I can’t help myself but laugh at the stupidity of these questions, and how these results are highly biased. These never reflect the real status – for example which is the best country is largely a subjective question and an obvious answer being ones own country, because people will support their own country.

It is equally ridiculous to sometimes the pages of certain brands post questions, for example if Cadbury posts something like “Whose chocolate do you like the most?” – Cadbury’s, Nestle’s, etc. Its obvious that people who have liked the Cadbury page will vote for Cadbury, except for a few anomalies.

What is the whole point behind this whole asking of questions if the group to which I am asking belongs to the same network? For example Cadbury page will be asking to the people will be asking to the people who have liked the page. Or, if I ask “Which is the best college?”, the obvious answer that I expect to get from the survey would be IIT Rajasthan, the reason being my major college friend list is from my college. So what is the point of having these kind of question when we have people from the same network whose answers will also be biased towards the same opinion? This would really be effective if we were to ask question that would take into account the neutrality of the people towards the question that I am asking or their unbiased viewpoint to a subject.

For now any and every question cannot be asked on a social network with the hopes that I’ll be getting genuinely general feedback.


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