IPL seems more like a Government endorsement

IPL Season 5 ends. I am happy – Kolkata Knight Riders my home team won! All the Kolkata people are happy and maybe the West Bengal government is just too happy about it. Or that was what it seemed from the show it put up yesterday to felicitate SRK and all the team members of KKR.

As ridiculous it may seem – the government actually spends tons of public money and organises an event to felicitate those who have earned crores from the game. The government plans out the whole event in this scorching heat at the Eden Gardens. Ok,  lets just take a look at how the government wasted money – it booked the Eden Gardens, arranged for top-notch security for SRK, Juhi Chawla, all the national and international cricket players and other members of the team, who were even accompanied by the good for nothing Tollywood “stars”. If that wasn’t enough, even the whole day of work was ditched by the Chief Minister and other police officers. Cake and medals all specially made for the players. The ceremony of course was no less comical – with Mamata turning the emcee and Shah Rukh asking the Chief Minister to dance.

Why all this celebration by the government? Why waste so much of resources for people who don’t even belong to the state and will not help in the development of the state in any way? More over, just having the word “Kolkata” in the team doesn’t make it a “Kolkata’s” team. The celebration was as if the national team had won the World Cup and not KKR that won just the IPL. And last of all what right does the government to waste public money in these kind of event, that are in no way going to help the state? For heaven’s sake there are thousands of issues in West Bengal that needs the government’s time, attention and resources. And everytime we have to satisfy ourselves that Government doesn’t have enough money to spend, the Government is in debts, etc.

We are all happy from the bottom of our hearts that KKR won but that doesn’t call for such callous behaviour from the government. Even the general public should have should a minimum citizen responsibility by not attending the event.


2 thoughts on “IPL seems more like a Government endorsement

  1. I totally concur with you…..IPL is not jst about cricket, its an amalgam of cricket, glamour, politics and controversies.
    Everything is okay, but public money must not be wasted for such events.

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