Mozilla to bite back at Google?

We have been seeing a browser war lately, with Internet Explorer losing ground and alternate browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox becoming the choice of people for browsing. But somehow Google Chrome has been gaining popularity at the cost of Firefox. On asking a few people the reason for their adoption of Chrome seem to be its simple and minimalist user interface, fast and secure browsing and painless updates that take place without bothering the user.

Well, to those people who are stuck with their idea that Firefox hasn’t progressed, I think it is better than Chrome. Firefox has improved on its browser engine and its Javascript performance in the recent years and it is equivalent to Chrome, and together with SPDY enabled (maybe I’ll write on how to enable it in some post in the future) browsing is always fast now. Its user-interface is also minimalist now, giving a very clean and sleek look. Updates to Firefox are also painless, they take place in background.

And people who say that Firefox is slow to start-up and crashes often, should get out of the cave age they are living in and look at it! It has evolved. It is fast to start-up and doesn’t crash now. And Chrome is a bigger memory hog than Firefox and has been well known to crash on sites like Youtube. Along with that the plethora of add-ons that you get for Firefox practically adds unlimited functionality to the browser.

Mozilla has been particular in pushing forward the open web standards and taking the effort in making web apps the first class citizens for normal daily use apps. Firefox is only just a part of that effort.

A silent project that has been going on well is the Boot to Gecko – Mozilla’s take on Mobile Operating Systems. Taking at the first look videos found throughout the web I must say it was mind blowing. It is fast, amazingly fast. The phone starts up and displays your home screen much sooner than an Android phone does. The user interface is fresh, an intuitive to navigate and getting your tasks done.

The best part of it is that all the applications on Boot to Gecko are web apps, built in simple HTML, CSS and Javascript. No other complicated programming languages like Java and all. There will be no shortage of apps for the platform for the same reason as well. The OS seemed to handle 3D graphics processing and playing of videos very efficiently.

Certainly Android will be facing tough competition from Boot to Gecko in the coming days, as it looks promising. All these seems like Mozilla has been aiming to recapture the browser market as well as the smartphone operating system market. And I would love to use a phone that is built on the web as the platform!


3 thoughts on “Mozilla to bite back at Google?

    1. Nightly looks better true, but Firefox revamped its user-interface since version 11, and we get more screen area for the web pages! But that layout is sadly not supported in Win XP!

  1. Google more than 800 million visitors per day, 8 billion page views per day, and 90 billion monthly searches! during each visit you will be prompted to “Install Google Chrome / Surf even faster.”
    I know some person who is installing Chrome and have used it more save even no what it is!
    The stat of Mozilla Firefox is the quality of Google Chrome CONTITE.
    I continue to use FireFox 🙂

    Firefox Affiliates Programe

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