And thou shalt sleep forever

This February the Supreme Court ruled that the right to sleep is a fundamental right, a necessary outcome of broadening the ambit of right to life. No doubt it was for good cause that it was done and sleep is of utmost importance. But still, lets just take a look at what can be done by some of the “modern Indian students” like us, just to get this act working.

Take a tenth grade ICSE student, preparing for his boards. He has to rote learn all the fundamental rights and duties of the constitution in order to pass the History and Civics paper ( I being one of the victims of those cruel times ). Thanks to the mercy of the Supreme Court he can afford to learn one point less. He can always write “the right to sleep” in his exam paper and come out with a smiling face assured of marks. He doesn’t even have to go through the pain of remembering it. Its always the favourite hours of man’s life – sleep and he can even remember it even if he feels sleepy in the exam hall.

Ok, lets just move up the ladder. Take any college in India – our best way of passing time in lecture hours is sleeping. I’ll be frank over here, most of what the professors teach just flies miles above our level of understanding. So we make best use of time – sleep. And the next time the professor catches us, we can always say “Its my fundamental right!” rest assured that nothing is going to happen to us. I can very well now imagine lecture hours with just with just 2 or 3 heads up and the rest all in sleep.

This was just the start. Even working people can take full advantage of this. You can go to offices late, reason: I was sleeping. Even then you can still sleep in your office hours and can laugh it off. Its your fundamental right! And guess what even the Supreme Court judge who ruled this can also sleep during the hearing of the next cases.

Please don’t hold me responsible for what ever consequences you suffer for practicing whatever is written in this post. You might as well try experimenting it with your teachers and your bosses and then let me know of the results. And in case of any problems you are always free to appeal to the Supreme Court.


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