Facebook is the new Sharebook

For what purpose was Facebook made? To share some stupid pics of something that’s even more stupid? Or to share some lame tips?

I can’t help but see how The Social Network has evolved to a sharing site. People see some edit – they share. They see some animal’s pic – they share. People see some joke or some tip and they still share. Ok, I agree that there has been a recent boom of some “*@#$ TIPS” on Facebook and a few of them are good and original, but majority a bore, lame and copied from other tips’ page. We find people uploading some strange pic and writing a big story underneath that. And you get tons of likes and comments and SHARES as well. Now with the advent of pages this seems to have become the best way for pages to gain popularity.

What is the outcome of all this? The share feature of Facebook was provided to let your friends know what you and they may find interesting, not just for the sake of sharing stuff. What results is an utterly polluted News Feed on the homepage and an even more polluted Wall of your friend. Hardly any content that you can find worth viewing and interacting with. I feel the whole purpose of the site fails there – it was built to let people (I was about to write friends, but I didn’t write for obvious reasons) “connect and share” with each other, with what they are upto and the latest happenings in their life.

But people will still just share animal pics and “awesome” tips, afterall its the Sharebook.


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