Mumbai Diaries

This January was pretty cool (I am not speaking in terms of academics)! I was at Techfest, IIT Bombay. What could be better than seizing this opportunity to visit Mumbai? But don’t worry… I am not writing a travel diary here for my Mumbai visit! What striked me most are the similarities between cities – Kolkata and Mumbai, and maybe even possibly a lot more cities you can think of! A kind of portrayal of unity in diversity of India.

A few days ago my IIT friends came over to my house and it was rightly pointed by one of friend while enjoying night from my terrace, “Arre ye street lights bikul Queens Necklace jaisa lag raha hai..!” (The street lights were looking like the Queen’s Necklace) – Something that you could see at Mumbai! But that was quite a notable observation and hardly had anybody thought about the street lights on the VIP Road like that! And I myself was convinced when I saw the Queens Necklace along the sea extending from the Nariman Point! It was indeed similar!

Even then India remains India – and you would not expect someone to let you go without abusing or shouting at you if just randomly shove through a crowd trying to find your way. I got the exact taste of this on my first day in Mumbai – being called “kaminey” by an old man when trying catch the famous local trains of Mumbai! One could expect that in any city of India I guess!

Next day was a strange one, when you find yourself being offered a free lift by a complete stranger when you are bargaining with the autowallas.

But just the only problem, I missed going to Band Stand – a highly rumored place – a place to see the best gals! That didn’t matter… You get to see that everywhere and a lot in Kolkata, isn’t it? 😉


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