And they say India is male dominated…

Its that time of the year again. All +2 science students are busy preparing for IITJEE, AIEEE, etc! Study pressure along with filling of examination forms. A busy time indeed, (I can say that from experience).

Here at IIT Rajasthan, I saw the IITJEE Exam’s poster at the institute a few days back! Nothing’s is new except that a few lines caught my attention.

Form for GE/OBC Male candidates: Rs. 1800
Form for SC/ST/PD Male candidates: Rs. 1000
Form for All Female candidates: Rs. 200

Male candidates have to pay Rs. 1800 for giving the exam where as female candidates have to pay Rs. 200. And everywhere we see these rule books specifying equality for all in respect of caste, creed, wealth, “GENDER”, etc! And but what the government does in its actions denote something else!

Yes, many may cite examples as in girls need to come forward in the society and this is just giving them incentives that will help the girls do so. But at the same time we need to know that times have changed girls are no longer kept trapped within the four walls! They are now an active part of society and system and needless to say well ahead of men in certain aspects as well! Then why these inequality in terms of “giving incentives” when all of us could do well without them? Or these are just political gimmicks, a tool merely used by the politicians to gain votes?

I think we could show a bit more respect to the girls by giving them pretty normal situations like everyone, and still they’ll make it to limelight just as the girl pioneers have done before!

Well, even our taxation system has this, girls have to give a less percentage of their salary to the government as compared to their male counterparts. This is just so inherent in the norms of the system! This very fact that we keep providing these benefits, perhaps still keeps the seed of the thought at the back of our mind that girls are still behind and society and need to come forward! I think we should move forward…

I don’t know how many girls will hate me after this post. But this was worthy of mention according to me. Any offence to anyone is sincerely regretted.


6 thoughts on “And they say India is male dominated…

    1. haha!!! loved your post!! seriously this is something to think about… btw the last two headlines are awesome!!

  1. Well, ur feelings i say is restricted . i hv seen families whr a girl n a boy, both equaly meritorious, d boy, elder,is in IIT whras d girl was detterd to ,as her father thot his money will b wasted if its nt crackd. She today studies in a regional collej pursuing hons. in chmstry. Dat was nly 1 xmple.. India today has millions of such mentality ..IIT although is available to all, still a million thinks dat Girls today still r a creature to cook food n look after d households n i assure u d figures of such r quite dominating…I say, its a step to bring strata of d society 4ward rather than d elite class..whch is majorily takn into our consideration…As for your payment of Taxes point is concernd, i dont support dat…nd Equality in India??? Its still n will b for d next 50 years IN PROCESS…tl dn, its btr in d preamble d way it luks…

    1. well thats just a narrow section of the society that behaves and think so! but we can’t escape the fact that India has progressed a lot and majority of us have got rid of such backward notions. So why not change our own system to make it suit the the change? Then the households that you were talking about will also change… after all its society! people have to change to suit it!

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